Autumn: Ifrane’s Secret Season

With its European style villas and surprising nature, Ifrane is such a different place that you won’t forget. It is reminiscent of certain Swiss villages! It is the perfect place to top up your reserves at altitude. When the weather is good, walk close to the Vittel spring and its waterfalls shaded by the poplar and maple trees. Its national park contains one of the largest cedar plantations in the world, where mischievous monkeys, which are used to seeing people, will welcome you. The lakes and rivers are crammed with pike and trout. Are there any takers? ‪


Ifrane is worth visiting every day of the year, but autumn might be the city’s best season. Colors are everywhere and you can still enjoy it’s outdoor terraces with a Hot chocolate or Local tea




The Lakes circuit, pretty diversion north of Ifrane around Dayet Aoua, Dayet Hachlaf, Dayet Ifer and Dayet Ifrah


There are many beautiful trees in this Moroccan Middle Atlas city, with leaves turning many different hues until they eventually fall. The colors are at their zenith from late October, often throughout December.


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